About Us - White Devil Magic

White Devil Magic is a Sydney-based magician for hire service on a different level. Having gained the name "White Devil" from his peers and family, as well as constantly being referred to as "Devil" by audiences and spectators on the street, White Devil Magic  was founded in 2017 by a reformed card hustler turned magician. His reason - Redemption, he was looking to give something unique back to the world. 

Having nearly lost his life after being caught cheating at a poker table, his return to the world brought upon a new life, a new perspective and a new passion for the art. Madness and beauty are brought together by a performer who has a story to tell, sometimes without words but rather actions. Magic is only alive in the minds of the spectators and those who choose to see it. 

The goal  is to break the the traditional, old fashioned stereotypical magic found so commonly instead performing strong, simple, visual and mind breaking magic in it's place. 

Some Effects performed -

Card Work - Bleeding Cards, Paradoxes, Hallucinations, Gambling Demonstrations, Skill Demos

Escapes - Straight Jackets, Hand Cuffs, Ropes, Chains - Custom Escapes Coming Soon!

Mentalism - Blindfolded Spike Russian Roulettes, Razor Blade Roulettes

All this and more!

This time there is no rabbits from hats ...

This time there is no coins from behind ears ...

Just beautiful magic with a small dose of Insanity