Why Us?

The goal of all magicians is to entertain. Though now few exist that do more than simply entertain. 

White Devil Magic is a Sydney magician for hire service founded to fill a hole in an industry that had lost touch with the core of what magic is really about. After years searching the answer is simple - 

Good magic is memorable but also addictive.  

People want to see more. People remember.

This adds a boost to any party and potentially a boost in sales.

This in a nutshell is what's on offer - Visual, affordable, intriguing close up magic that people love, a character people remember and an entertainer that cares about not only the party, brand or company promoted but also those entertained. Something unique that anyone can afford instead of just the high end.

White Devil Magic was designed to bring up close, personal magic to each and every person who wishes to witness miracles, entertain properly, market and promote and all at affordable, fixed price. 

Roving, Walk Around, Close Up Magic
Fully Insured, Custom Quote to suit your budget.

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who Is this White Devil?

Quiet, reserved but friendly with his piercing blue eyes, his signature black hat, trench coat and open smile; Steen "White Devil" Olsson is a man of many mysteries, the name "White Devil" given him to by many spectators who've seen his style.

Having first learnt his way around cards at poker tables in back rooms and alongside men on the very edges of society - crooks, thieves and hustlers, his skill is second to none with a deck of cards. 

After been caught on the razors edge of card cheating  and surviving to tell the tale - his own desire for redemption and to give something back to the world spurred a passion to turn his skill to magic and become something more. After travelling and moving to become a Sydney magician, he's seen first hand the darker side of human nature and just how often people miss out on the more precious moments of life, he formed White Devil Magic to bring something unique, beautiful and often personal to everyday people. It's proof that even a White Devil can do good things.

His obsession with dangerous roulettes,  paradoxes, visual hallucinations, and gambling demonstrations has left many in awe, plus his own charming insanity, something that comes to life as the night goes on and his quiet personality seems to take on something crazier as his passion burns.

Sydney Magcian - Devil's Gambler
This is me, the madman forever